Anamnesis - Works by Jennifer Lane

The prints in this series are made from small automatic paintings that draw from prehistoric art – in this case, Eastern and Near Eastern figurines and iconography.  The images invoke cycles of death and regeneration via the singular but bifurcated figure of the Mother.  Formally, the pictures celebrate symmetry, liquidity, and the color black. In much of the work, the image of the female body serves as a matrix or template for transformation, enabled by its associations – both culturally inscribed and ancient - with primacy and nature.

Diez: Photographs by Hunter Barnes

Diez – Photographs by Hunter Barnes will open to the public on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. On exhibit will be a series of black and white photographs taken by the studied photographer, and self-taught social anthropologist, Hunter Barnes. The subject matter spans over a decade of calculated wandering that took place from 2000 – 2010 during which Barnes traveled the country and immersed himself into different niche and often dangerously private communities. Barnes would integrate and establish trust with each group - whether bikers, the tribe of a Pacific Northwest reservation, or a southern urban gang - and document its members while shooting exclusively in black and white film. Barnes's experiences have created a visual archive that is raw, clear, and poignant with genuinely articulated representations of America's diverse and often overlooked citizens.